Politics and Human-Computer Interaction

Our ongoing work develops framework to support the interdisciplinary collaboration and integrate political science and human-computer interaction. This research seeks to

  • Identify and apply political science theory in the study of digital interactive systems in a consistent manner and advance the current state of the art in human-computer interaction
  • Develop and deploy novel methodological approaches to study digital systems in political (and social) sciences, inspired by human-computer interaction research methods

The overreaching objective from these two aspects is to renew both research disciplines, acknowledging that such interdisciplinary work is mandatory is required to address digital democracy, and more generally understand the interplay between politics and information and communication technology. Through demonstrating how such approach can be developed in particular area, online deliberation research, the project provides a template which can be used to address various other domains as well.

Developing interdisciplinary collaboration across HCI and political science

Integrating political science and human-computer interaction

Mitigating political polarization

Understanding social, cultural and political factors in designing political interfaces